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Medal of Honor (2010) is a reboot of the series, taking place during the ongoing War in Afghanistan. The player will play the two divisions of soldiers. One of them is an elite anti-terrorist unit Tier 1 and the other - members of the U.S. Rangers. In addition to the campaign for single player a big advantage of this title is the multiplayer mode developed by the creators of Bad Company 2.

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Medal of Honor is a first-person shooter from the makers of Battlefield Bad Company 2 that redefines the genre. For shooter fans and modern military enthusiasts, Medal of Honor is a way to experience today's authentic warfare, because unlike anywhere else in the world of video games, Medal of Honor can deliver intense modern warfare gameplay inspired by the actions of the elite Tier 1 Operators currently active in the military.

As a first-person shooter, Medal of Honor features modern military combat, primarily from the perspective of infantry soldiers. The player will be armed with various authentic modern military small arms and placed in combat designed to simulate modern warfare.

The gameplay is designed to be realistic, and to this end EA has hired several consultants from the United States military. Typical in-game objectives are expected to be similar to those issued in real life such as raiding terrorist hideouts, hostage rescues and undercover operations. The single player is set to include drivable vehicles such as helicopters, jeeps, bikes, and ATV's.

The gameplay uses recharging health, rather than fixed health points. If the player is wounded, the screen turns red, and the player must avoid taking damage for several seconds to return to full health.

The game features iron sights as well as red dot sights and other aiming accessories. The player will shoot much more accurately while using the weapon's sights than when firing from the hip.

Medal of Honor will feature a single-player campaign that takes place in 2002, in which the player will control multiple characters from both the “Tier 1” and “Big Military” perspectives. The storyline will follow several "Tier One Operators" working under the National Command Authority in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Players will also play as a US Army Ranger and an Apache helicopter gunner, fighting on a larger scale than the "Tier 1 Ops" campaign, as players will then only be a small part of the "war machine". The campaign will be heavily weighted (with regards to playtime) in favor of the Tier 1 operators.


Medal of Honor's multiplayer is being developed by EA Digital Illusions CE. Multiplayer is class based, with three classes available - Rifleman, Special Ops, and Sniper. Each class has its own set of weapons. The player earns experience during gameplay to level up and unlock additional weapons and weapon accessories. For example, at the start of the game the sniper class does not have a scope available, and the player must reach level 3 to unlock a combat scope.

If a player earns a certain amount of points before dying, called a scorechain, he or she earns a choice of an offensive support action such as a mortar strike or missile attack or a defensive support action such as intel or ammo. The player is not limited to one special weapon per life and can earn them continuously.

Gameplay features two opposing sides, the Coalition against the Opposing Forces. The Coalition troops use American equipment such as the M16A4, while the Opposing Forces represent Taliban forces and use according equipment such as the AK-47. Each weapon is designed to have an exact equivalent on both teams.


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